Peter Edge

                                                           (MJUK winner of The Chris Treglown Foundation Fund Award)

                                                           Peter is 24yrs old and has a lovely baritone voice . He has studied with Maria in

                                                           workshops and is currently studying at the Royal College of Music in London.

                                                           He regularly performs in concerts and enjoys hosting his own.

                                                           He teaches music in schools and is passionate about inspiring others


                                                                  Harry Apps

                                                                  (MJUK runner up)

                                                                  Harry is 17yrs old and from Chippenham

                                                                  He is a lead singer in a swing band and

                                                                  also in the Wiltshire Youth Jazz


                                                                  He has won many singing festivals and

                                                                  appeared in numerous concerts and

                                                                  productions throughout the

                                                                  region. He has recently been offered

                                                                  a wonderful role in the world of

                                                                  musical theatre.

                                                                  More details to follow later

                                                          Bethanie Frigot

                                                          (Cornish recipient of the Chris Treglown Foundation Fund Award)

                                                          Beth is 23 yrs old and from St. Tudy . She is in her final year of training in

                                                          musical theatre at SLP College in Leeds and is planning to train in a masters in

                                                          Acting. She has a comedic style and always keen to try new skills in theatre

                                                          such as puppetry and stage combat . She has assisted with the Cornish

                                                          youngsters workshops and been a valuable asset and support.


               Jordan Scrase

               (Cornish runner up )

               Jordan is 19 years old and from St. Just. He has been

               performing from a young age and is currently studying

               at Laine Theatre Arts in London. He is a down to earth

               character who enjoys writing his own songs.

               He has drive and energy and is very passionate about

               his work in the world of music.  


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